Vocab Log #3 (Big Bang Theory S03E04)


  1. Traipse (Verb)
    • To walk or go aimlessly or idly without reaching ones goal
      • Arya traipsed all over town for hours in search of an old edition of a book she needed for a class.

 2.Incandescent (Adjective)

  • Brilliant, masterly or extraordinarily lucid
    • The portrait on display at The National Museum of Arts this month is an incandescent masterpiece.

 3. Lackey (Noun)

  • A footman or liveried manservant
    • The door opened, and the lackey motioned to the two gentlemen to enter.

 4. Posse (Noun)

  • A body or force armed with legal authority
    • There is a reason that we have police departments and not posse’s roaming around bringing ‘justice’ to the people.
  • A group of friends or associates (slang)
    • I was hanging out with my posse at Jim’s Burger Shack when Aunt Mirren called for me to come back home.

 5. Incubator (Noun)

  • An apparatus in which eggs are hatched artificially
    • We were counting the eggs in the incubator when of the eggs hatched, and out came a cute orange chick!
  • An enclosed apparatus in which prematurely born infants are kept in controlled conditions, as of temperature, for protection and care
    • I looked at the small and red infant in the incubator with a swell of pride in my heart, not quite believing that I am already a father to this precious angel.



As always, thank you.


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