Vocab Log #2 (Big Bang Theory S303)

  1. Conundrum (noun)
  • A problem that is difficult to deal with
    • Arranging childcare during the school holidays can be a real conundrum for working parents.
  • A question that is a trick, often involving a humorous use of words that have two meanings
    • Sally never misses out solving the puzzles in the daily paper as she enjoys solving riddles and conundrums.

2. Tautology (noun)

  • The unnecessary and usually unintentional use of two words to explain one meaning
    • When the English professor told us to prepay for the trip in advance, I wondered if she realized the tautology in her statement.

3. Patronize (verb)

  • To give money or support to someone or something
    • The Corleone family patronizes the arts by donating huge sums of money to The National Museum of Contemporary arts every month.

4. Mediate (verb)

  • To intervene between people at dispute in order to achieve agreement or reconciliation
    • Johns effort to mediate between the arguing couple seems to be in vain as their rage towards each other was unmistakably too big.

5. Dispute (verb)

  • To disagree, argue, or debate
    • The territorial dispute between Casablanca and Genova has affected the economy of both countries as international trade is currently at a standstill.



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