Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)


Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop

A Film Review

5.7/10 – IMDB

26% – Rotten Tomatoes

This movie is the sequel to the 2011 action thriller The Mechanic. I have never been a big fan of action movies but I went into the theatre during the release of this movie with an open mind and optimism. Unfortunately, I was disappointed greatly with this film, if the poor box office and low scores on movie sites have not given you the gist of how terribly made the film is, then I will.

As with all motion pictures, there are always the plus, minus and interesting. The pluses of this film is only the beautiful locations where the movie was shot. I have seen amazing shots in the film and it did not fail to captivate me as the locations were simply breathtaking. The first scene of the film was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I was awe-struck! The cinematography was certainly beautiful! The rest of the film was shot at a number of other places such as Sydney and Malaysia. I had the opportunity to see a lot of beautiful places in one film and that was great. Unfortunately, not even the picturesque scenes can save this movie from being a devastating flop.

First of all, I would start with what made the movie so bad. The plot was so boring to say the least! If a movie had a voice, then this movie would sound monotonous. I would not even be giving out too much spoilers if I were to talk about the movie in detail as the plot twists were simply cliché. This movie is the epitome of man meets woman, falls in love, and would go through anything –including death- to save her, even if they have only known each other for a few days. I was baffled by the whole concept! Who in their right mind would go through all the trouble and risk everything for a practical stranger? And for what? ‘In the name of love’ is hokum. I will call it ‘poor decision making’.

To add salt to the viewers’ wound, the characters were lacking complexity and they were one-dimensional. I understand that this is an action thriller but every character deserves some sort of development. Sadly, through the 1 and a half hour of Mechanic: Resurrection made me scream with exasperation on the inside. When I think about it, maybe the writers intentionally did not make the characters too complex to prevent the element of action in the movie to be overshadowed with the complexity of human behavior. Nevertheless, I still think that the characters were a bit disappointing as a whole, and even boring in some parts.

Alas, there is not really much for me to comment about this film. The storyline was that simple. I came out from the theatre with disappointment and a hole in my pocket. A money spent on a bad film is wasted money but all in all a lesson I have gotten from the whole experience is that we should always experiment with new genres of films, we will never know how greatly a good film can affect us. Thus, every movie deserves a chance to be seen with unclouded judgment and an open mind.


This is not a representation of the film Mechanic: Resurrection but is simply my thoughts and opinions. Everyone should see the film for themselves and be their own critic of the work.

As always, thank you for reading!


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