Silver Lining’s Playbook: A film review


IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 92%

This film tells of two mentally challenged persons who formed an unusual bond that eventually leads to a romantic relationship. After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) wind up moving back in with his parents. He plans to rebuild his life and reconcile with his wife and in order for him to win her back is by losing weight, which explains all the running later on in the film. When a coincidental meeting with Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) leads to an unusual relationship, Tiffany promised to help Pat win his wife back just as long as he agrees to be her dance partner in an upcoming dance competition.

What I like most about this film is how raw with emotion it is. I can say hands down that the messy arrangement of the film and how the shots were imperfect were what made this movie particularly special. Some may criticize and say that this film is an over-rated hot mess, but to me, the elements of simplicity and imperfect camera angles gave this film an extra edge to it, credit goes to the wonderful David O. Russell.

                This is actually the first movie that Cooper were alongside Lawrence followed by American Hustle, Serena and finally Joy. The on-screen chemistry was undeniably strong but the character both depicts hardships in their effort to battle mental disorders. Tiffany, a recently widowed woman is suffering from bi-polar syndrome with a passion for dancing. For once in my life, I can see what it looks like for a bipolar person and her struggles were real. My ignorance has left me to conclude that Tiffany was just an unstable, dramatic and violent person during the early build-up of the film due to her unpredictable behavior evident in the scene where Pat was taking her out for dinner.

Exhibit A:

download (3)

But later on, I realized that all of these irrational and unpredictable behavioral changes were triggered by a mental condition. Then it struck me that people like Tiffany face a day-to-day battle against people like me who are ignorant towards their disease and what breaks my heart most is that a few insensitive people would go as far as mocking people with mental disorders by calling them names and disrespecting them just because they are different from us. I think that our ignorance towards people like Tiffany is bad enough, let us not make things any more difficult for people like them.

The film also discusses on the importance of having a strong support system for when we are a difficult phase in our life. In the film, Pat was just released from a mental health institution and struggling to get back on his feet, his family was helping him through this difficult setback in his life, not to mention he lost his teaching job and his wife prior to his admittance to the mental health institution after allegedly attacking his wife’s secret lover. As the film progresses, there are a lot of instances when Pat had a breakdown and disturbed the whole neighborhood with the sound of his outrage. I sympathize for his parents as they face difficulties in helping Pat get better but I guess that is exactly what families are for.

Finally, the film is a great one for those who wish to see a great cast with even better acting. A serious movie but at the same time enthralling and fresh. If you want to see a rom-com that is anything but cliché, Silver Lining’s Playbook is perfect for you!

Thank you for reading. X,H.


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