More Debts; Words Galore # 3 (5/11- 5/15)

  1. Vindictive (adjective)
  • Unforgiving; having or showing a desire for revenge.
    • In this character she pursues with vindictive hatred the heroines, such as Alcmene, Leto and Semele who were beloved by Zeus.
  1. Tawdry (adjective)
  • Showy, brightly colored or decorated, but cheap or in bad taste
    • Her tawdry dresses and cheap jewelry only confirms what people already assumed; she has terrible sense of style.
  1. Sporadically (adverb)
  • Occurring or seen only here and there or occasionally.
    • It would have been reasonable to expect to find them sporadically all over Australia.
  1. Antagonize
  • Make an enemy of
    • Lucy kept antagonizing me to the point where I felt like punching her.
  1. Sanctimonious (adjective)
  • Making a show of sanctity. (sanctity: make holy, set apart as sacred)
    • That is why he got all holy and sanctimonious and decided to be a priest.
  1. Daft (adjective)
  • Silly; foolish; reckless.
    • “Stop being so daft! He was clearly using you!”
  1. Bewildered
  • Puzzle; confuse
    • The old woman from the country was bewildered by the crowds and traffic in the city.
  1. Exhibit
  • Show publicly for sale; give clear evidence of
    • The girls exhibited great powers of endurance during the climb.
  1. Warble
  • Sing, especially with a gentle trilling note.
    • The sight of larks warbling high up in the sky made me smile.
  1. Combat
  • Fight; struggle.
    • The young soldier who died during combat was actually Judith’s son.
  1. Bemuse
  • Cause to be preoccupied or stupid.
    • After listening to the confusing lecture, the college girl was
  1. Petulant (adjective)
  • Unreasonably impatient or irritable
    • “You need to respect that, because the next time you throw one of your petulant hissy fits, I will never speak to you ever again!”


  1. Cul-de-sac (noun)
  • Street with an opening at one end only; blind alley.
    • His house is at the end of the cul-de-sac.
  1. Sympathetic (adjective)
  • Having or showing sympathy; caused by sympathy
    • He gave me a sympathetic look when I explained that my dog died.
  1. Stagger
  • Walk or move unsteadily (from weakness, a heavy burden, drunkness etc.)
    • He staggered into the room, his breath reeked of liquor, then he started cursing and shouting.
  1. Ensconce
  • Establish (oneself, in a safe, secret, comfortable, etc. place)
    • Selma sat down In the comfy lawn chair and neatly ensconced.
  1. Scraggy (adjective)
  • Thin and bony
    • He has a very scraggy
  1. Vanity (noun)
  • Conceit; having too high an opinion of one’s looks, abilities, etc: do something out of vanity
    • His effort to tutor his sister ended in vanity as she did not even show up for the tutoring session.
  1. Prognosis (noun)
  • Forecast of the probable course of a disease
    • “Sharon’s prognosis was not good.”
  1. Bamboozle
  • Mystify, cheat, trick
    • “You can never bamboozle me into doing that!”
  1. Vile (adjective)
  • Shameful and disgusting, bad, valueless.
    • His vile habits such as his rude language is really off putting.
  1. Intrigue
  • Make or carry out secret plans or plots. Arouse the interest or curiosity of.
    • The news intrigued us all. We have never heard anything like it before!
  1. Disconcert
  • Upset the calmness or self- possession of. Spoil or upset (plans).
    • Mr X was disconcerted to discover that he had gone to the post office without putting on his false teeth.
  1. Unavailing (adjective)
  • Without effect or success.
    • I woke Madam Mina, and again tried to hypnotize her, but alas! Unavailing till too late!
  1. Stud (noun)
  • Small two-headed button-like device put through button holes to fasten a collar, shirt front, etc.
    • Then I put the clasp on the stud in the back.

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