Finding Colin Firth: A Book Review


Colin Firth with his oscar for The KIng’s Speech


A novel by Mia March

A bit introduction on the book; it has 387 pages written by the same author who wrote The Meryl Streep Movie Club (which is still in my to-read list). First published in 2013 by PAN Books. The setting is mainly in Maine specifically in Boothbay Harbor which I thought was really interesting because I am not too familiar with that part of the US, and it certainly painted a pretty picture of what I can expect from a small town like Maine.


“I have a birth mother. Her name is Veronica Russo. She lives in a place called Boothbay Harbor, Maine.”

                In Boston, college graduate Bea Crane is shocked with a mysterious letter that explains probably the most shocking thing that she can experience in her lifetime: her biological mother. Without revealing too much spoilers, this character is at a point in her life where she questions everything she knows and everything she thinks she knows about herself. To me, it also made me question, “Is lying by omission is just as bad as lying, regardless the reason behind it?” The decision made by Bea’s adoptive mother to keep this fundamental fact as a secret surely made me furious at first but as the story progresses, I started to understand the reason behind why she did it. I think a lot of the readers can relate to Bea’s experiences as she is finding the truth about her history and herself. Is not life about discovering yourself? And every day we discover new things about the process is continues until it comes full circle.


“People will come and go from your life for all kinds of acceptable and crappy reasons . . . So you’ve got to be your own best friend, know who you are, and never let anyone tell you you’re something you know you’re not.”

                Veronica Russo has returned to her hometown in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. For 22 years she has been running away from her past, shutting down on herself in fear that she would get hurt. Consequently, she has shut down any possibility of a long term relationship as she kept the highest wall, impenetrable by any man (with an exception of Colin Firth that is). All this while, she kept denying herself the happiness that she deserves just because of a “mistake”( at least that is what people around here say) that happened over two decades ago. Now, she has realized that in order for her to live her life the fullest, she has to go back to the place which gave her so much pain a long time ago, just so that she can heal herself and continue living as a whole. Gifted with a talent, Veronica has unlocked the secret to pie baking and with her elixir pies, she finds herself intertwined with the lives of a few interesting characters that soon prove to be more significant than I thought it would. And maybe she too can find her own Colin Firth, instead of a fictional Mr .Darcy.


“What a beautiful story of coming full circle it would be.”

                Gemma Hendricks is an aspiring reporter who is in for a surprise. A drive young woman who was just recently laid off from her job at the New York Weekly. A woman with a troubled relationship with her mother is now expecting. Blessed with a loving and understanding husband who cannot seem to let her breath for one second without pressuring her to move closer with his parents. When Gemma returns to her safe haven in Boothbay Harbor, she finds herself with an assignment at The National Gazette that will make her realize how in just three weeks, her perspective can change 180 degree and and all of the anwers that she needed was in her all along.


All in all, what I have learned from this novel is that in order for us to move forward, we have to face our own ghosts from the past. We should not punish ourselves and live our lives miserably till the end of our breath, but instead we have to move past whatever it was in the past that haunts us and learn from it. I have also learned for Gemma Hendricks’s POV that there has to be some sort of give and take in a marriage. Is pure love enough for a marriage to last? I don’t think so, there has to be understanding, tolerance and also patience. Marriage is no laughing matter as it is a lifelong commitment and I think it is really refreshing to see how Gemma and her husband resolve their problems by coming up with a solution that may seem untraditional to many. But I guess that is just part and parcel of life, it is unpredictable.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope you found this review helpful. Happy reading!

Xx, H.



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