Debts; Word Galore #2 (5/9- 5/10)

  1. Affliction
  • Suffering or distress
    • Jane Law was a great senator as she was always ready to help families in affliction.
  1. Agnostic
  • Person who believes that nothing can be known about God or of anything except material things.
    • That scientist was said to agnostic as he only believed in scientific explanations that can be proven.
  1. Albatross
  • Large, white, web-footed sea bird usually common in the Pacific and Southern Oceans
    • That fisherman was so excited when he saw a flock of Albatross flying by at the crack of dawn.
  1. Despicable (adjective)
  • Deserving to be despised, contemptible
    • People were dancing on his grave when he died as the late Mr. Robinsons was a despicable person and everyone despised him.
  1. Gingerly (adverb)
  • With great caution; to avoid harming oneself, what one touches, etc., making a noise.
    • She entered the room gingerly as she did not wanted to draw any attention to herself.
  1. Infiltrate
  • To pass through or into byfilterin
  • Pass through defenses without attracting notice (troops)
  • Pass through people’s minds (of ideas)
    • The brilliant idea infiltrated their minds as they were brainstorming through possible suggestions to improve their performances at work.
  1. Uncompromisisng
  • Not ready to make any compromise; unyielding, firm
    • A member of the Republican party was uncompromising, making the heated argument unresolved without an absolute decision.
  1. Piety
  • Devotion to God and good works; being pious.
    • Adam’s piety was certainly unquestionable as his devotion towards the Church and his congress is certainly unwavering.


  1. Imperial (adjective)
  • Of an empire or it’s rulers
    • His Imperial Majesty was certainly generous in donating gold and spices to the Ottoman Empire as a sign of mutual respect.


  1. Impotent (adjective)
  • Lacking sufficient strength to do something; unable to act; (of males) wholly lacking in sexual power.
    • The new construction worker is certainly impotent as he cannot even carry out simple tasks such as mixing cement and building blocks of bricks.





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